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Feb 10, 2011 10:00pm PST
impatient president obama is demanding egypt's leadership make clear what changes are taking place. mr. obama questions whether the power shift is an immediate, meaningful or sufficient sign of reform. >>> gunmen have been shoot at buss in the east bay. and starting tonight the buses are getting security. armed escort now trail the buses along the route in north richmond from market to 6th and mcdonnell. robert lyles shows you more. >> reporter: unusual is right. and here is why. the union representing ac transit drivers says that for two years both their drivers and the passengers have been sitting ducks. they say that they have been attacked every year for those two years by someone at gunpoint. now, the union has offered an ultimatum. it is either the buss will be followed by a sheriff's cruiser as you see pulling here into the bart station here in richmond or there will be no bus service here. and it all started with a bus attack that we brought you exclusively last night. cbs 5 showed you the bullet riddled bus line last night. eight to ten hooded young men approached the bus
Feb 11, 2011 10:00pm PST
. >> president obama this afternoon talking about the role of egypt's military during the transition. even though the military is in control of the country right now, mr. obama says it's only a temporary caretaker and despite the euphoria in egypt right now and the president warns the days ahead will be difficult wins. he says that this is not the end of egypt's transition. it's just the beginning. and back here in the bay area, egyptian americans are celebrating that revolution half a world away. >> i'm proud of what the egyptian people did. i feel deep admiration for their courage and their will to fight for their life and for their liberty and for dignity. >> demonstrators had planned to hold an emergency protest against mubarak at u.n. plaza in san francisco. it turned into a celebration instead. the same thing will likely happen for a planned solidarity vigil at the plaza tomorrow. >>> a fresh start needs a fresh scrub. it is just after 8:00 saturday morning in cairo. these are live pictures showing people milling about there had been a call for a massive cleanup effort to begin in ta
Feb 1, 2011 10:00pm PST
out now. today, president obama seemed to echo that. >> what is clear, and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak, is that i believe an ordinarily transformation must be orderly, peaceful, and must begin now. >> reporter: he sent the former u.s.ambassador to egypt, to cairo to ask that mubarak not run for reelection. president obama also had a message for egypt, he said we hear your voices. >> reporter: they're hoping to rewrite egyptian history. revolutionaries like the three mcgee sisters. why is today different? >> now or never. >> it's now or never, we have to stand up. >> reporter: stand up and be counted at the mass rally. she says crowd size matters. >> morally it matters. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: by and large, the faces of this revolt are political, and religious moderates, not professional protesters, but in many cases, educated secular first time activists. fed up, but fired up too. different generations, same dream. an end to what he calls living in darkness. >> we don't care who is going to be the next president, as long as there's going to be democracy. >> i'm
Feb 23, 2011 10:00pm PST
bloodshed is outrageous. >> reporter: president obama says his national security team is preparing a full range of options to respond to this crisis. >>> well, if you drive you've seen them going up, gas prices beginning to creep higher and higher. much of the blame is being pointed at libya. robert liles tells us about the reasons for the spike that the oil companies simply are not talking about. >> reporter: we have all heard of paying a premium, but the premium behind these did he serves a double take. 4.09. what's behind the hike? we went looking for answers and we found it's called "the fear premium." >> come on. >> it says 3.97 for gas. >> it was just two days ago that we reported the gas prices jumped nearly a dime in one week. we're at it again, prices have pulsed again. >> i took a picture. it cost me $99 at chevron. >> the hike is not because you're using more gas. >> the price inies has very little to do with our demand in the united states. the world demand for oil is quite strong. >> reporter: it's because of revolts in libya. world oil traders are running scared that supplie
Feb 4, 2011 10:00pm PST
mubarak to remain president even if it's only in name. >>> and obama obama administration officials tell the "new york times" about some of the possible exit strategies given to egypt's president. among them, going to his home or going to germany for a medical checkup. >>> well conditioning -- congresswoman gabrielle giffords is recovering so well, that her husband has decided to go back into space. astronaut mark kelly is set to command adults ---- a shuttle mission this april. he's been on leave since his last was shot in the head last month during that shooting rampage in tucson. >> i know her very well and she would be very comfortable with the decision that i made. >> nasa observed commander kelly for a week, that to make sure he could focus and not be distracted. >>> after weeks of uncertainty, anthony batts say he is staying. he says he couldn't commit to oakland after losing out to san jose's top job. the one thing that touched his heart. >> reporter: the prove each says that a little child will lead them. in this case, it was eight little ones and one very determined presch
Feb 3, 2011 10:00pm PST
. thank you. >>> also in the news tonight, the obama administration talking with egyptian officials now about the possibility of president hosni mubarak stepping down right away. it's friday in egypt now. protestors have said today is the day they will force hosni mubarak out. this next video may be difficult to watch. demonstrators have faced dangerous conditions, but video shows a police van tearing through that crowd and running over a number of people. this one shows a diplomatic car hitting several protestors. antigovernment activists are pitching in to try to protect one another. >> reporter: this is the center of what is now open war. with the front line along the north side of liberation square, the opponents are pinned in behind their own made barricades well supplied with rocks and running id checks. >> anyone -- [ audio difficulty ] >> reporter: some of those caught become prisoners of war. others just fall through the cracks. egypt's military took a more active role today trying to maneuver between the battling groups. the tanks were no match for the friend seed app -- f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6